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Show 284- Jan's Party Part 1 TS 1.4.12 Meet Lorenzo from the Royal Oak Hotel, Balmain. Lorenzo listens to Jan tell him all about her 60th birthday party. Meet Joy Hruby, queen of community TV Sydney. Then meet Mad Mick, who brings Jan a gift of some bush tucker. Then meet Markus Harkness, guitarist.
Markus Harkness
0426 811 914
Show 285- Jan's Party Part 2- TS 7.4.12 Jan tells Lorenzo from the Royal Oak Hotel, Balmain about her 60th birthday party. Then meet Beth Eldridge from the Older Women's Network. Then meet Jan's son Max who's flown in from Broome for the event. Take a peek at Jan's art exhibition.
Older Women's Network
Markus Harkness
0426 811 914
Show 286- Birthing Kits- TS 14.4.12 The local SAWA (Support Association of the Women of Afghanistan) volunteers meet regularly to pack birthing kits for women in third world countries. Come to Leichhardt Rowing Club and meet some dedicated supporters. Then we go back in time to 2002 Tamina from RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) to hear of the plight of women in Afghanistan. Jane Sampson then explains the SAWA bag. Dr Juliet Sheen then explains some of the problems that women in Afghanistan face.
Show 290- Ghost Gums- TS 15.7.12 Meet Johanna Nicholls, author of Iron Bark and Ghost Gum Valley. Johanna and Jan try to define the Australian character.
Show 291- Ballast Point Part 4- TS 22.07.12 Meet Amie Zar from Leichhardt Council Local History. Ballast Point is one of Sydney Harbour's newest national parks. Phillip Coxall from McGregor Coxall Landscape Architects, takes us on a tour of the park and some of its features.
Leichhardt Council Local History
McGregor Coxall Landscape Architects
Show 292- Advocacy- TS 29.7.12 Meet Kath Hanstein, who has started a small business as an advocate. View Jan Wood's short film, Water as a Metaphor for the Seven Deadly Sins. Kath Hanstein and Jan Wood discuss personality disorders.
Show 293- Studio Bonnie- TS 5.8.12 Meet Aura Parker and Marena Von Behr who have started Studio Bonnie which screen prints their exquisite designs.
Show 294- The Pond- TS 12.8.12 Meet Daniel Johnson, landscape architect, who had the task of giving Jan's swimming pool (now a pond) a makeover. Watch Daniel release glass fish, bass and yabbies into Jan's pond.
Show 295- Forty Years- TS Jan and her executive producer celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. Meet Kate Bolster, age 20, who learns what it's like to be married for forty years. Then listen to the wise words of Irene Coates.
Show 296- Hip Hop- TS 25.8.12 Meet Dr Joanne Messenger and learn about the plans for the Learn for Women Forum's special day for women to be nurtured through workshops and healing. Then Jan tells her stories of her hip operation from the perspective of the patient.
Dr Joanne Messenger
Karen Burge (Learn for Women)
0411 483 895
Show 297- Threads- TS 2.9.12 Enjoy a montage of Balmain Sailing Club and then come on a tour of the Balmain Watch House, home of the Balmain Association and local history, with June Lunsmann. Then we look at some of Jan Wood's paintings, a patchwork of memories of growing up in Balmain in the 50s and the 60s.
Show 298- Kath - TS 9.9.12 Meet Kath Hanstein as she explains her work as an advocate.
Show 299- Ojars- TS 16.9.12 Ojars Greste came to Australia when he was a little boy as a Latvian refugee. He shares some stories of Latvia in the second world war and shows us a montage of contemporary Latvian culture.
Show 300- Lunch at Botannix- TS 21.10.12 Jan celebrates her 300th episode of Coffee break by taking Joy Hruby to lunch. Joy is celebrating her 58th wedding anniversary. Then Andy from Botannix explains how he has blended a landscape business with a restaurant.
Show 301- Soft Diamond Light- TS 23.9.12 The soft diamond light is a package put together by Anatole Kononewsky, who explains about the Lighthouse Foundation in Melbourne which works with homeless young people.
Show 302- Nora Part 2- TS 30.9.12 Nora Huppert tells her story of fleeing Prague in 1938 as a Nicholas Winton child. Nicholas Winton was a young Englishman in Austria in 1938 and was concerned for the plight of Jewish refugee children. He managed to help hundreds escape . Home without a Home, Nora Huppert (available at the Sydney Jewish Museum)
TS 4.11.12- Show 303 Episode 230 repeated
Show 304- Corina- TS 29.10.12 From Jan's archives, enjoy a montage of thoughts on feminism from women taking part in International Women's Day 1997, then meet Corina Backhouse a passionate young feminist who is organising the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Women's Electoral Lobby. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with Rocking the Foundations a documentary made by Pat Fiske in the early 1980s.
Women's Electoral Lobby
Show 305- Gallipoli archives- TS 11.11.12 Meet Julianne Ross Allcorn with her entry into the 2010 Gallipoli archives, The Bugler, then meet Craig Hickey from the Gallipoli Memorial Club who explains the annual exchange exhibition with Turkey. View images of the 2010 art prize submissions while listening to Pru 'Harvest' Heggarty's 1995 song Grandpa's Song. Then Julianne explains her class's entry into the 2010 prize.
Gallipoli Memorial Club
Show 306- SAWA- TS 18.11.12 Episode 286 repeated
Show 307- Max- TS 2.12.12Jan interviews her son Max about his trip across the Pacific, then enjoy some documentary footage of what it's like taking a sailing boat through the Panama Canal.
Show 308- Kimberley Part 1- 9.12.12 Enjoy a montage of the spectacular landscape of the Kimberley. We then cut back in time to 2011 with Max Wood explaining why he's moved to Perth and giving us an update on his Seaman's qualifications. He takes us on a tour of Broome and takes his Mother on a camel ride. Then we go to Global Village Travel and meet Heidi. Music featured: Got to go Fishing, Barry Cedric High Tide in the Mangrove, David Hudson from Saltwater Songs: Indigenous Maritime Music from Tropical Australia


Show 283 Ballast 2 TS 25.3.12 Using Archival Footage from Jan Wood's shelves we see the evolution of the Ballast Point site Then come on a tour with Phillip Coxall, Landscape designer.

Show 282 Ballast 1 TS 18.3.12 For Heritage Celebrations, Amie Zar of Leichhardt Library is organizing a talk and exhibition honouring the Political Activists and their fight for Ballast Point as a National Park.
Bookings Balmain Library 02 9367 9211

Show 281 Dolly TS 11.3 12 Jill Williams from the Doll Collectors Club explains doll making.
Doll Collectors Club 02 9635 6220

Show 280 IWD Special TS 4.3.12 Joyce Stevens, Eva Cox, Edna Ryan, Faith Bandler and Joan Bielski are saluted for their work in the Women's Movement.


Show 275 Jan's Christmas TS 25.12.11 Meet Marea Bertolini who explains a Scottish Christmas. Then Jan works on her autobiography, Chapter 6: Jan's experiences of Christmas. Meet Georgia Gadd who describes an English Christmas.
Camera Holly Attwell

Show 272 Mark TS 4.12.11 Meet Mark Barbeliuk from " Mark My Word". Mark and Jan debate "Is Australia a blokey, blokey place?"
Camera Marea Bertolini

Show 273 Doctor Joanne TS 18.12.11 Meet Doctor Joanne Messenger who works in Energy Fields. Watch Jan Wood' s short film " Water as a Metaphor - the seven deadly sins. " Joanne explains her book " Be In One Peace- essential skills for thriving on the new world. " She then explains her techniques of Blue Print healing.

Show 271 Design 2 X 2 TS 20.11.11 Come to the Balmain Watch House to the " Designing with Fabric" expedition. Enjoy the fabric art of Aura Parker, Pepa Martin, Karen Davis, Elke Klein, Marena Von Behr. Listen to the music especially composed for the exhibition Stephan Schafer.

Show 270 JSNWL Luncheons TS 6.11.11 Meet Barbara Henery, a volunteer at the Jessie Street of National Women's Library. Each year the Library holds a fundraising luncheon at State Parliament House. Here is a snippet of Doctor Kerryn Phelps speech as guest speaker. Then travel back in time to 2006 and hear snippets of Helen Reddy' s talk. Then we listen to Barbara Henery' s Librarian report.

Show 268 Carol TS 9.10.11 Meet Caroline Ambrus of Irrepressible Press. She shows us some of her stunning artwork and then books she has published in her prolific career has artist, writer and activist.

Show 267 Easy Rider TS 2.10.11 Jan Wood decided that exercising on an exercise bike is too boring so she investigates buying an adult tricycle from Balmain Bikes.
Balmain Bikes 02 95556456

Show 266 Design 2 TS 25.9.11 Five talented fabric designers talk about their up coming exhibition at the Balmain Watch House. Meet the artists Aura Parker, Marena Von Behr, Elke Klein, Pepa Martin and Karen Davis.

Show 265 Peace/WILPF TS 17.9.11 Meet Doctor Keith Suter, well known peace activist. Come back in time to May 2011 to WILPF's 95th birthday party. Then we honour Stella Cornelius who devoted her life to conflict resolution.

Show 264 Turning 60 TS 3.9.11 Marea Bertolini drops into Woodland for a coffee and to help Jan organize her 60th birthday party. Marea, an events organizer, talks Jan through the details of organizing an event.
Holly Atwell on camera

Show 263 Book Buying TS 28.8.11 Let' s drop in to the Feminist Bookshop in Orange Grove Plaza and meet Cat, one of the new owners. Cat tells us the principles of the bookshop and then Lisa takes us on tour of the children's book section. Meet Jo, another co-owner, as she explains her role in the business.

Show 262 Janet's Turtles TS 28.1.11 Meet Jeanette Landstedt who loves turtles and creates artwork on this theme. This year she took her exhibition to France and Sweden and Jeanette tells the story of her trip and shows us her photographs.

Show 261 Russia TS 14.8.11 Meet Tatyana Mamanova and Carmella Di Dio at the New South Wales Writers ' Centre in May 1997 when they were promoting their Woman and Earth Conference to be held in St Petersburg in December 1997. Jan Wood attended the Conference and recorded her experiences. We now look at the documentary, "An Australian Housewife goes to Russia. "

Show 260 Everything TS 3.8.11 Meet Barbara Toner, author of "What to do about Everything". Enjoy a montage of Vee Melnar's painting "A Day in her Life".

Show 259 WILPH TS 24.7.11 Come and celebrate WILPF's 95th birthday with Dr. Helen Caldicortt. Meet the women who are involved in Footsteps for Peace and meet Stefania Siedlecky.

Show 255 Jessie Street TS 17.6.11 Michelle Ginswck and Jan Wood explain the Jessie Street National Women's Library then Marie Muir takes us on a tour. Travel back in time to State Parliament House for Helen Reddy's luncheon talk. Then we meet Shirley Jones, co founder of the library.

Show 254 Barbie's Barbie TS 10.7.11 Julianne Ross Allcorn returns to talk about Art tours at Outback House near Dubbo. Artists who participated last year explain their ideas and their art.

Show 253 Ivy Part 2 TS 3.7.11 Ivy and Jan play Barbie's Grandma in the Rozelle Red Cross shop. Then we sit in Ivy's garden and she talks about her life and her work. Then we follow Ivy to the actors forum.

Show 252 Joanne TS 26.6.11 Meet Dr. Joanne Messenger who pioneers Blue Print Healing. Watch Jan Woods short film "Water" - metaphor for the Seven Deadly Sins. And then Joanne explains what is Blue Print Helium.

Show 251 Anita Part 2 TS 19.6.11 Meet the elusive Anita Rezeska as she takes us on a tour of her exquisite artwork in her house.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 250 Marilyn TS 12.6.11 John Tristram from Juniper Films explains his documentary concerto Vusika which was made in 1994. It starred the budding concert pianist Marilyn Meire and her visit to her grandfather in Tonga where she played a special performance for the King. A concert to raise funds for Marilyn who is quite ill was performed at Knox College in May 2011.

Show 249 Blue Mountains TS 5.6.11 Madeleine Northey hosts this episode. She takes us on a tour of Katoomba and then we visit the Jenolin Caves and go on a tour of the Lucas.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 248 Julianne TS 29.5.11 Meet Julianne Ross Allcorn and come back in time to 2008 where Julianne had an exhibition at Art at Home Gallery. Then we jump forward to 2010 for a birds eye view of Juliannes art class. Then Julianne takes us on a tour of her current artwork.

Show 247 Gallipoli Club 24.4.11 Julianne Ross Allcorn drops by and talks to Jan Wood about the Gallipoli Art Prize. We then go back in time to see last years exhibit and Julianne speaking about her entry.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 245 Sufferage 8.5.11 We visit Parliament House to see the Centenary of International Women's Day exhibit curated by the Jessie Street National Womens Library. We meet Helen Westwood, Karen McEwen, and Jan Burnswood as they take us on a tour of the show and talk about the history of the women's movement and what was involved in setting up the show. We also meet Shirley Jones founder of the JSNWL.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 244 La Porte Rouge 1.5.11 We meet Stina Korsell owner of Antique Floors and La Porte Rouge gallery in Balmain. Jan Wood interviews artist Jeanette Landstedt about the work she had on show at La Porte Rouge. Jeanette takes us through the gallery as she explains her thoughts and processes behind some of her work.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 243 Womens Health Centre 17.4.11 We visit the Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre with Jan Wood and meet Jo Perks. Jo and Jan discus the history of the centre , women's health and menopause. We end the show with a brief tour of the facilities.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
9560 3011

Show 242 IWD 2011 10.4.11 Jan Wood takes us to see the International Womens Day March for 2011. We meet the WILMA drummers and talk to Michelle about women drivers on the ferry and buses. Jan joins the rally in a Pedapod and interviews Pedpod business owner Lyn. Beth Eldrige talks about the march and the History of Suffergettes exhibit at parliament. The show ends with Jan walking through the meeting place in Martin Place and interviewing women at the event.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 241 Menopausal 27.3.11 Jan Wood interviews Mrtina Goulden about menopause and shows Martina her short film "My Mother has boyfriend".

Show 240 CTV 1 3.4.11 Tom Rainey and Jan Wood explore the history of CTV1 in Redfern and the beginning of community television in Sydney. We watch snippet of the shows that aired starting in 1991 including Get the Picture, Patchwork, and a visit with Joy Ruby.

Show 239 WWII pt II 20.3.11 The show begins with Jan Wood looking at her SWAN project "WWII Through Women's Eyes Portfolio". We then visit Irene Sage at her home as she remembers WWI as a young woman and her experiences growing up in that time.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 238 WWII pt I 13.3.11 Jan Wood showcases her short film "Sydney Kids '42'" and shares behind the scenes stories. Madeleine Northey and Jan look at photos while Jan talks about the experience for Australians on the home front during World War II.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 237 Ironbark 27.2.11 Joanna Nicholls drops by Coffee Break and talks with Jan Wood about her book "Ironbark". Jan and Joanna talk about their shared passions for Australian history, the importance of artists in recording that history and their favourite bushrangers.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 236 Garry McDougall 20.2.11 Garry McDougall talks with Jan Wood about his new book, which tells the story of Louis Gabriel in Gundagai. He shares prints of Louis Gabriel's photos and they discuss the living conditions of the times and the beginning of Australia.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 235 Irene Coates In this episode Jan Wood shares stories of her mentor and close friend Irene Coates. Jan reminisces about their organization SWAN and shows us some footage of Irene as she prepares to move back to the U.K. In the old footage Irene takes us on a tour of her 2002 exhibit at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood and we watch her speech at the launch of her book "Mind the Gap" in 2004.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 232 IWD pt I 30.1.11 Jan Wood celebrates International Womens Day 2011 by looking back at the 2010 march. She talks with Kaelan about what IWD means and talks with fellow feminists about its importance.

Show 231 At Home with Anita 6.2.11 We visit the home of artist Anita Rezevska. Anita shows us her latest completed work as share with us her stories and past sculptures, paintings and drawings.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 230 Memories 15.1.11 Sandy Belau and Jan Wood take a trip down memory lane, visiting their primary school and sharing stories of their childhood. They take us on a tour of Balmain East comparing it in 2010 to as they remember it in 1960.
Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 229 Royal Oak II 2.1.11 Lorenzo Spano cooks Jan Wood a meal and talks with Jan about his career and family background in cooking. Marueen Thornett discuss the concepts behind the Royal Oaks restaurant. The show closes with Jan interviewing Matt Byron who works at the Royal Oak.
Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 228 Christams Special 26.12.10 Jan Wood and Madeleine Northey talk about what an Aussie Christmas is and how it differs from a Canadian one. Madeleine interviews Santa and talks about her artwork in textile design and beading.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 227 Royal Oak 1 19.12.10 Jan Wood interviews Maureen Thornett about the challenges of running a hotel and the beer culture in Australia. We learn about the changes in Balmain and go on an art tour of the Royal Oak.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 226 SAWA 2010 12.12.10 At the SAWA Luncheon Karen Pakula interviews Juliet Sheen about women's rights in Afghanistan. We learn about the crafts that SAWA sells and how the profits go towards helping women in Afghanistan. Dawn Atkinson speaks about the status of women in the world and how SAWA is working to improve the rights of women. Jane Sampson shows us the SAWA bags that are a main part of SAWA's awareness raising merchandise.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 225 Common Ground Exhibit 5.12.10 In this episode we meet Barbie, Leonie and Caroline as they share their artwork in their show Common. They talk about their starts as artists and what is involved in setting up an art exhibit.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 224 Suzzane 28.11.10 We meet Suzanne Francis as she shows Jan Wood her quilting work and demonstrates silk dyeing techniques. Suzanne talks about her travels around the world and how they have influenced her work. She also shares her plans for her up and coming online craft supply store Craft Gate.
Show 223 Greg Grainger 28.11.10 Greg Grainger drops by coffee break and talks to Jan about some of his adventures around the world. They discuss his show Travel Oz and his favourite places in Australia as well as copyright issues in film and how to get started in the industry.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 222 Termites 14.11.10 Jan Wood interviews Nick and James from Systems Pest Management about termites, the damage they cause and what steps can be taken to prevent them from entering our homes. Jan then shares her personal experience with termites and the process it took to get rid of them.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 221 JSNWL 31.10.10 This episode begins at the Annual Jessie Street National Womens Library Parliamentary Lunch for 2010. We watch a sample of guest speaker Ann Sherry's speech and Jan interviews some students from Riverside Girls High School about their understanding of feminism. The show then moves to the JSNWL and we are taken on a tour of the library with Marie Muir.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 220 Kurrajongs 7.11.10 Jan Wood interviews Ian Small about his book "The Story of the Kurrajongs" and the history of these men in WWI. They also discuss the class system in Australia verses Great Britain and the role women played during the war.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 219 High Maintenance Pt 2 24.10.10 Graphic designer Pepa Martin talks about her work for Switch Stick and the director of the company discusses the stigma that surrounds traditional walking sticks. Jan Wood discusses the extra care older citizens have to take with their aging bodies with massage therapist Blanca Quincoces and chiropractor Caterina Walsh.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 218 David 3.10.10 We view a montage of Jan Wood's Portrait painted by Irene Gower in 1999. Then come and meet David Vogel who has commissioned to do the framing. Come on a tour of Australian Natural Timber Framing with David and learn about modern framing techniques.
Show 217 Energy 28.9.10 for the Seven Deadly Sins. Martina Goulden and Jan Wood discuss feelings, and then we visit Claire McCauley at Nature's Energy and talk about the power of positive thinking.
Show 216 Teenagers 21.9.10 Martina Goulden from Earth Mother Earths Child visits Jan for a coffee and Jan explains her book When the Hormones Hit: A guide to what is "normal "(well sort of) . We then view Irene Gower's paintings which illustrate aspects of teenagers and parenting.
Show 215 Art lesson 5.9.10 Meet Julianne Allcorn Ross, Lisa Lintion Frost, Jacky Lawes, Vivian Mewing, Louise Smith, Barbra Wade, and Andrea Williams, who are having an art lesson. Then come to Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain to view their exhibition of completed works.
Julianne Ross Allcorn
Show 214 Design 2.6.10 The fabric design girls from episode 205 have their exhibition hanging in the Balmain Watch House. So meet each of them plus Stephan Schafer.
Pepa Martin- www.shibori.com.au
Show 213 Joyce 29.8.10 Joyce Mills shows Jan Wood some of her paintings. Then we celebrate Joyce's 96th birthday at the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre.
Show 212 Ednas 222.88.10 Anne Barber and Jan Wood talk about the annual Edna Ryan award. Come back in time to 2000 when Jan Wood interviews Lyndel Ryan about her mother, political activist Edna Ryan. Then we travel back to 2008 to hear Beth Eldridge and her acceptance speech of her Edna Ryan. Then in 2010 we feature Kat Armstrong. Gabe Cavanagh, and Rita Campbell.
Show 211 Jenny 15.8.10 Meet Jenny Porter from Sydney Wildlife Rescue and learn about caring for our native animals in an urban environment. Sydney Wildlife 0294134300
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 210 Caterina 8.8.10 Meet Caterina Walsh, Jan Wood's chiropractor. Together they explore issues around aging.
Show 208 Martina 25.7.10 Meet Martina Goulden from Earth Mother Earth's Child as she talks about women's reproductive health. Then come on a tour of Jan's home movies and photo collection to illustrate milestones in a woman's life.
Edited by Madeleine Northey
Show 207 Max 11.7.10 Max Wood has sailed around the world and he meets up with his mother Jan Wood to talk of his adventures and so show us his footage of sailing down the Panama Canal.
Show 205 Fabric Design 4.7.10 Meet Aurah Wood, Marena Von Behr, Pepa Martin, and Elke Klein.
Show 204 Balmain Painters 27.6.10 The Balmain Painters meet regularly in the local area to paint the landscape. Meet the artists Barbara Hamilton, Mary Cullen, Pamela Neville, and Jenny Saunders and view their beautiful artwork.
Show 203 June 20.6.10 Meet June Lunsmann from the Balmain Association as she takes us on a tour of the old colonial lockup now called the Balmain Watch House.
Then meet Trish Yates and Yvonne Laveston of the Okapi Group who have an exhibition hanging in the Watch House.
Show 200 Books 15.6.10 Jan Wood and Jan Aitken talk books.
Show 199 Ask Her 31.5.10 Meet Sandra D'Souza and Tina Clark who founded Ask Her.
Show 198 Ivy 23.5.10 We visit Ivy who is a volunteer in the Red Cross Shop Rozelle. Then we visit Ivy and the Stitch and Bitch group in Hannaford Centre in Rozelle. Then Jan and Ivy play Barbie's Grandmother, when Ivy uses Jan as a model for some of the clothes in the store.
Show 197 Joy's World 16.5.10 Joy Hruby, queen of community TV in Sydney and Jan Wood discuss their passion for making community TV. Come on a tour of Joy's garage aka studio and then watch Joy in action as the drama teacher at the Coast Centre.
Show 196 Stop Violence 2.5.10 This program features archival footage of Stop Domestic Violence Day at Circular Quay, Sydney 1997.
Show 195 Travelling Suitcase 18.4.10 Come back in time to 1999 and meet Virginia Handmer who hosted the Travelling Suitcase exhibition Rylstone. Then Jan Wood tells the story of the Travelling Suitcase Exhibition. Incorporating how it travelled to China in 1995 for the Fourth World Conference on Women. Then Irene Coates explains her exhibition Angles of Vision, in Penrith in 1999.
Show 194 Age and Memory 11.4.10 Robyn Mah takes us on a tour of the exhibition Age and Memory at the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre. Then Robyn and Jan discuss issues around ageing. Then meet the indomitable Joyce Mills.
Show 193 Feminist Bookshop 4.4.10 Meet Gail Hewison from the Feminist Bookshop and come back in time to the year 2000 when Jan Wood received an Edna Ryan Award. Learn more about Edna Ryan from her memorial service in 2004. Back to the Feminist Bookshop Libby Silva co-owner of the bookshop talk about her feminism and we travel back in time to 1997 where the Voices of Gaia perform a concert in the Feminist Bookshop.
Show 192 LCMCC 14.3.10 Meet Robyn Mah who is the Director of the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre at 266 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove.
Experience the opening night of •From The City With Love• an exhibition by Vee Malnar, Lesley Dimmick and Irena Storay. Then find out more about the Lane Cove Music and Cultural centre by meeting some of the people who work and exhibit there. lcmcc266@tpg.com.au
Show 191 Digital Part 1 7.3.10 Come to Storm Video in Gladesville and meet Bob Gallacher. Then come back in time to May the 31st 1942 to Jan Wood•s short film made in 1995. Sydney Kids •42 honours the child•s contribution to the War Effort. Set on one of the nights that Sydney Harbour was torpedoed by the Japanese.
Then Bob explains digital TV and digital technology. www.stormvideo.com.au
Show 190 IWD Special 28.2.10 Meet Anne Barber and Beth Eldridge who explain International Women's Day March and Rally.
Then come back in time to experience IWD Sydney 2008, the 100th Anniversary of IWD.
Then be entertained by Beth Eldridge's poem as she accepts her Edna Ryan Award.
Show 189 The Entrance 21.2.10 Repeat from Coffeebreak 137
Show 188 Balmain Locals 14.2.10 Come to the Balmain Watch House and let June Lunsmann take you on a tour of this historic building. Then and meet photographer David Liddle who shows us his book of photographs of Balmain locals in the early 70•s to early 80•s. Then Barbara Hamilton shows us some of her photographs of contemporary Balmain locals.
Show 186 Glebe 31.1.10 In 2009 The Glebe Chamber of commerce organized an outdoor photographic gallery of 150 Glebe locals, to celebrate 150 years of Glebe•s history. Eulalie Moore explains the outdoor gallery. Paul Angell, Tom Psomotragos and North Sullivan explain the how, why, when and where of the photos.
Show 185 Mondo Marrickville (repeat) 24.1.10 See coffee break 145
Show 184 Home Made Home 17.1.10 Meet two remarkable Women, Irene Gower and Irene Pearce who have created their own homes on a minimal budget. Irene Gower•s house is made of rocks and Irene Pearce has converted a disused water tank.
Show 183 SAWA Screening 10.1.10 Meet Tamina from RAWA, Revolutionary Afghani Women•s Association. Then come to Finola•s restaurant where Dawn Atkinson and her helpers organize a fund raiser for SAWA. Meet Jane Samspon, Herma Siepr, Sue Ndwala and Nina Burridge.
www.sawa-australia.org / www.rawa.org
Show 182 AIE Screening 3.1.10 Come back in time to 1997 and Anita Johnson explains her sculptures Bodily Felt. Then watch Apparatus for Invoking Empathy, a short film made recently by Anita. Then she shows us photos of her current sculptural works.


Show 181 Jan and Sol Screening 27.12.09 Go back in time to 1972 to Jan•s wedding then fly to thirty years later and meet her grandchildren. Then Jan visits her hairdresser, Sol from Sol to Soul Hair Salon when Jan shows Sol photos illustrating her aging process.
Show 180 Rita Screening 20.12.09 Meet Erietta Nastoulis and be a fly on the wall at her niece•s wedding. Then visit Rita in her kitchen as she explains how she emigrated here from Greece in the 1970•s.
Show 179 Framing Screening 13.12.09 In 1999 Irene Gower painted Jan Wood•s portrait to submit to the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize. Jan decides it•s now time to re-frame and has chosen the Breathing Colours team for advice. Meet Chloe Waddell, Carl Noonan and Lauren Keir as they explain their artwork. Then Chloe takes us on a tour of her shelves.
Show 178 Ruby and Bullagan Screening 6.12.09 Meet Bulligan, Aboriginal Artist as he shows us some of his paintings and explains his process. Then Ruby Langford Ginniby takes us on a tour of her published books. The books explain the Aboriginal perspective and Ruby•s life experiences. Ruby•s books available at www.uqp.uq.edu.au
Show 177 Tafe Assignment Part 2 screening 29.11.09 Jan Wood tells Kate the story of her history in Community TV. We go back in time to 1996 to a snippet of patchwork, produced and screened at CTV1 in Redfern. Anne Flanaghan demonstrates some watercolour techniques. Then we go to 1997 to the SWAN Art Show Archives. In 2001 Jan turned her spare room into a coffee shop set. Meet the Glascow girls, Febuary 2002 talk about their impressions of Australia. The show ends with Helen L•Orange from WEL. Talks about the life of Edna Ryan at the 2009 Edna Ryan Awards and reads a dated document from the 1960•s.
Show 176 Tafe Assignment Part 1 screening 22.11.09 Kate Bader, studying Community Development at Tafe needs to interview someone about their work in Community. Jan Wood agrees and they put the cameras on the tripod and Kate submits a Coffeebreak episode as her assignment. In this episode we look at the work on Marie Peter Toltz, The Story of SWAN (School Of Women Artists Network). And a little about the traveling suitcase.
Show 175 Irene Coates screening 17.11.09 At Home with Irene Coates, Blackheath 1999, Irene tells her wedding stories. Then to Braemar Gallery for her Nudes and Orchids Exhibition. Contact coates.irene@googlemail.com
Show 174 Art Spacing screening 8.11.09 Artist Jeanette Landstedt takes us on a tour of some of her portraits, which often feature images of outer space. Jeanette and Christopher Downie invite Jan to lunch. Christopher then takes Jan on a tour of his Alien portraits.
Show 173 The Art of Jan screening 1.11.09 Bowen Pearce and 18 year old Balmain boy, volunteers to be Jan•s camera person for the day. She takes him on a tour to the Zig Zag in East Balmain, where she played as a little girl. The Zig Zag now a park was, back in the fifties a part of the Steam Ship Company. As in those days Balmain was heavily industrial waterfront land use. Jan then takes us on a tour of her paintings titled, A Patchwork Of Memories Growing Up in the Fifties and Sixties.
Show 172 The Art Of Marie screening 25.10.09 Meet Marie Peter Toltz, a young artist born in France. Then we go to Art At Home and Meet Elizabeth Alvanon, The curator of the gallery. Marie then takes us on a tour of her paintings, which she painted in Paris before coming to Australia.
Show 171 Garden Of Evolution screening 18.10.09 Come on a trip back in time to the back yard of Jan•s family•s house where they moved to in 1979. Then Come on a tour of the garden as it is today. Then see the swimming pool as it is today stocked with Coy Carp.
Show 170 Beijing + 15 screening 20.9.09 Time Travel back to 1995 to snippets of archival footage of the Forum accompanying the 4th World Conference on Women in China, Then meet Carole Shaw from JERA International Equity, Rights and Access. Judith Van Unen and their project • Caravans for Beijing + 15.
Show 169 Granny Duty screening 6.9.09 Come with Jan and her grandson to the hairdressers Sol with Soul where she attempts a TV show whilst on Granny Duty .Sol from Sol with Soul gives Rory a haircut whilst explaining about her self and hair. Then Rory is taken on a tour with Alicia around Zig Zag Zoug Toy Shop.
Show 167 Portia/Danelle Time Travel back to 2005 to the H.S Ervin Gallery and the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize. Annette Butterfield speaks on the life and times of Portia Geach Then back to 2002 to the talk by Nancy Bird Walton on her work as a pioneer in the aviation industry. Then meet Danelle Bergstrom, portrait artist, talks about her work.
Show 166 Ballast Part 2 screening 16.8.09 Come on a tour of Sydney's newest National Park at Ballast Point Birchgrove with Philip Coxall, Landscape Architect.
Show 165 Ballast Part 1 screening 8.09 A montage of the Ballast Point Park opening on the 11th July, 2009 featuring the music of the John Edser Jazz Quartet. Erin Gibson from Conservation Volunteers talks about her organization and then Phillip Coxall, Landscape Architect, Kathleen Hamey, Balmain Association Historian, Robyn Bracken, artist and Di Talty, Director SHFA talk about aspects of the new park.
Show 164 Irina screening 2.8.09 In June 2009 Irina Dunn explains her Feminism. Then Time Travel back to 1996, Parliament House, Sydney for the Foundation of Australian Women's Forum on Feminism. Irina introduces Dale Spender who talks about her Feminism. Then Time Travel to 2002 to the NSW Writers' Centre where Irina Ruby Langford Ginibi.
Show 163 Barbie's Barbie Part 2 screening 26.7.09 Julianne Allcorn, Barbie Hooper Tzeming Chen, Tessa Myee, Karen Lumsdaine and Tommy Wood explains his short film Sugar's Rubbish
Show 162 Barbie's Barbie Part 1 screening 19.7.09 Outback House the set for the ABC Julianne Ross Allcorn and Barbie Hooper explain the Artwork from the workshop, Neville Dawson shows us his painting etc. Francesca Bova. Caroline Lobsey, June Stone, Barbie Hooper
Show 161 Outback screening 12.7.9 Julianne Allcorn and Barbie Hooper explain Outback House, The Clothes worn and toiletries used in 1861. Contact: Julianne 0450 625 912 Barbie 0417 076815 outbackrevisited.com
Show 159 (A) A Crabbie Episode screening 21.6.09 Crabbing Montage t Lake Macquarie. Terry's seafood shop where he explains where the crabs come from, Glenn's vegetable shop where he talks about onions. Aunty Molly's Octoberfest •Toni Stevens. Then sightseeing. Toni Stevens : auntymollys.com.au Music by Marilyn Meier : marilynmeier.com
Show 159 Breathing Colours screening 28.6.09 Chloe Waddell explains the shop / studio Breathing Colours. The Art of Szilvia Gyorgy. Barbie Hooper, Leonie Robison. breathingcolours.com 02 9555 8543
Show 157 Sophie screening 14.6.09 Rerun of Show 80.
Show 156 WILPF screening 24.5.9 Stefania Siedlecky receives an Edna Ryan Award 2008 for her life's workin Family Planning. At home, Stefania talks about her involvement with WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) with Michelle Cavanagh, as guest speaker. Then travel to Humanist House to meet other WILPFers. Then Time Travel back to 2002 and meet the wonderful Margaret Holmes, founder of the NSW WILPF branch in 1959
Show 156 (A) Russia A • hr Documentary on Jan Wood's trip to the, The Women and Earth Conference St Petersburg December 1997. The Conference was organized by Tatyana Mamanova and Camilla Di Dio. Eco feminists from around the planet came to network and brainstorm.
Show 154 Chloe screening 31.5.9 Chloe and Brad talk about their Art Magazine. Performance. Location shots, launch issue 1, Chloe's music Contact Chloe 0405 905 354 www.musiqueart.net Mastered 19.5.09
Show 154 (A) TAP Lesley screening 17.5.09 Tim Edmundson, Royal Botanic Gardens Trust, Lesley Dimmick at the Equinox Exhibition. Heba six weeks later at the Pyrmont Art Prize Then The Band, Art show continued. Contact Tug Dumbley 0413503027 Royal Botanical Gardens www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au Tap Gallery www.tapgallery.com.au Mastered 5.5.09
Show 153 Granny Talk screening 10.5.09 High School 30th, The Strawberry Milkshake, Jan's Home Movies 1979-1981. Own Concert 1.11.08 Contact High School 30th Denice Hurst Smith Paulasmith@hotmail.com Mastered 28.4.09
Show 151 Edna Ryan screening 3.5.09 Time Travel May 2000, Lyndall Ryan presents Anne Barber with an Edna Award. Jan Wood receives an Edna Award, Eva Cox talks about edna Ryan and Suzanne Bellamy receives an Edna Award also.
Show 150 Dr Joanne screening 26.4.09 Jan intro, Susan O'Brien. Dr Joanne Messenger, Workshopping in Gordon. Contact Joanne Messenger www.beinonepeace.com P.O. Box 566 Woodend, Vic 3442 0410668070
Show 149 Irene Coates Part 1 screening 19.4.09 At Home with Irene Coates, Blackheath 1999, Irene tells her wedding stories. Then to Braemar Gallery for her Nudes and Orchids Exhibition. Contact coates.irene@googlemail.com
Show 148 Anita Larkin screening 12.4.09 Object Incognito
Show 146 Melody Pie screening 4.4.09 Angie Paice, Neil Lemon and Nick. Rozelle Markets, Songathon Freedom to the World DVD then back to Jan's dining room concert. Contact angie Paice www.angiepaice.com paicepublicity@gmail.com
Show 144 Mondo Marrickville screening 29.3.09 Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown. Mondo Marrickville, Chris Downie's Alien portraits. Ursula Burgoyne • CeramicistOvum Marrickvillosaurus, Gil Burgoyne installation. Jeanette Landstedt, Multimedia Works. Contact Chris Downie and Jeanette universe.foundation@bigpond.com Gil and Ursula Ursula.burgoyne@bigpond.com
Show 143 Battle Axe Susan screening 15.3.09 Battle Axe explanations, OWN Office with Beth, Susan's Story, OWN Concert footage 2008, Susan's short film. Contact OWN www.ownnsw.org.au info@ownnsw.org.au 92477046
Show 141 IWD Part 2 screening 8.3.09 Anne Barber and Beth Eldridge debate •Why Aren't We There Yet•? Then we Time Travel to 1996 for the the issues that were relevant Then enjoy Beth Eldridge's poem that she recited after receiving an Edna Ryan Award in 2008.
Show 140 IWD Part 1 screening 1.3.09 Time Travel back to 1997 for the International Women's Day March. Followed by 1998 IWD interviews. Then to 2008 International Women's Day footage.
Show 139 Jan Roberts screening 22.2.09 Jan Roberts, author and historian talks about her published books, particularly Maybanke Anderson •18888458 1927 and her work in Suffrage and social reform. Then •Voices of a Lost World• • oral histories of Colonials living in Papua New Guinea prior to Japanese Invasion.
Show 138 Sailing screening 15.2.90 Meet Max Wood, Sailing instructor and adventure film maker. He shares his documentary footage of Pat Fiske fishing in the Louisiade Passage, off Papua New Guinea. Pat Fiske tells a little of her life as Feminist, Activist and filmmaker. She shares some footage of Rocking The Foundations made in the early eighties.
Show 137 The Entrance screening 8.2.09 While the Executive Producer takes his nephew fishing, Jan Wood catches up with Her Niece and new baby. Then meet Robert Ray, Professional fisherman who explains fish stocks. Then meet Filemon Monoleskos, Manager at the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant. Then enjoy watching Debra Maksim, the Pelican Feeder.
Show 136 Universe screening 1.2.09 Jeanette Landstedt's portrait, Christopher Downie shows us his Alien portrait collection Contact Christopher Downie universefoundation@bigpond.com
Show 135 Strong Women screening 25.1.09 Bronwyn Bancroft explains Women of Strength Exhibition at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery November 2008. Then she explains the artists work, Jessica Burke. Contact Bronwyn Bancroft www.bronwyn bancroft.com bronwynbancroft@hotmail.com 9810 5118
Show 134 Irene screening 18.1.09 June 2004, Irene Coates talks about Philosophy while she does dishes for an open house inspection, Irene talks about her book •Mind The Gap•
Show 133 Enviroflections Part 2 screening 11.1.09 Cecile Pauly May 2005, Spot and Douglas Enviroflecions opening 4.6.06. The Hanging and the Art of Barbara Hush, The art of Anne Flanagan
Show 132 Enviroflections Part 1 screening 4.1.09 Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre 4.6.06 Barbara, Kathryn, Cecile and Jan's Enviroflection • Earth Day Exhibition. Kathryn McConnochie Anne Flanagan. Jan's short film •Impressions•


Show 131 Own Contert screening 28.12.08 Introduction by Jan Wood, The concert starts with the Silvertowns, The Dames then the Own NSW theatre group. Mastered 14.12.08 Contact OWN 9247 7046 info@ownnsw.org.au www.ownnsw.org.au
Show 130 Jan's Garden screening 21.12.08 Archdale trout Farm, fishing for rogue Trout Home movie, Fishing Party thenoctober 2007 fish released into pond, home movie Contact Archdale Trout Farm 6352 1341 • Brian
Show 128 Books screening 7.12.08 The Launch of •Movers and Shakers• March 2004 at Leichhardt Library. Vera Newsom and John Newsom. Dugal Parker talks about his book •Junktown Lemmings. Contact Dugal Parker www.onaventure.com
Show 127 Dawn screening 30.11.08 Time Travel back to April 2002 to the Woman and Earth Eco feminist Conference organized by Bridget Noonan and held at Katoomba. Dr Lynette Dumble interviews Tameena, from RAWA • Revolutionary Afghani Women's Alliance. Then Dawn Atkinson, of SAWA, Rinola's Restaurant 20.11.08 Fundraising Luncheon. Dawn's Speech The next day home shopping. Contact Dawn Atkinson: d.atkinson@internode.on.net
Show 126 Wilpf screening 23.11.08 Celeste Salter and Gabi from Blue Mountains Branch talk about Women's international League for Peace and Freedom and their Social Justice Forum. Then Time Travel back to WILPF's 90th Birthday in May 2005.
Show 125 Joy screening 16.11.08 Joy Hruby at home then at Church Caf• glebe. Joy at Katoomba. Salad Days segment.
Show 124 Meroogal screening 9.11.08 Each Year Historic Houses Trust hosts the annual Meroogal Women's Art Prize. Barbara Konkolowicz, the curator of Meroogal Women's History House explains. Be a fly on the wall and look at the artwork and meet some of the artists. Then come to the Mint in Macquarie Street for the prize winning entries - October 2008.
Show 123 Dr Pam Part 2 screening 2.11.08 Time Travel back to 1998 and experience Dr Pam Johnson's Shimmer Exhibition at the Tap Gallery. Dr Wood Conroy, Ruby and Lesley Dimmick add their perspectives. Come to Pam's home and find out Dr Pam's latest projects and artwork involving dealing with Depression.
Show 122 Dr Pam Part 1 screening 26.10.08 Time Travel to Dr Pam Johnston's Shimmer exhibition held at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst in 1997. Meet aboriginal political activist, Ruby Langford Ginibi. Then we catch up with Dr Pam in 2008, when she explains her Hildegarde series.
Show 121 Battle Axe part 2 screening 19 October 2008 Intro animation. What is a Battle Axe? Marie William's tells her story. Then Susan O'Brien's tells hers. Then we Time Travel to 1999 to the Older Women's Network Theatre group •Off the Beaten Track• Part 2.
Show 120 Portia screening 7 October 2008 Time Travel with Archival Footage taken in 1999 when Irene Gower paints Jan Wood's portrait as an entry to the Annual Portia Geach MemorialArt Prize. Jan talks about the life of Portia Geach. Then we go to the 2008 Portia Geach Art Prize opening and Winners announcements by the National Trust. Meet Jeanette Landstet who painted a portrait of the Winner, Jude Rae.
Show 119 The Wedding screening 5 October 2008 Advice to young brides from the 1890's featuring Joy Rhuby and Rachel Harvey. Followed by advice to young grooms from the 1990's by Matt Rowles. Miriam Van Cooten and Cindy Carrell give advice on marriage in 2003. Hear Irene Coates speak about weddings and advice.
Show 118 Battle Axe screening 28 September 2008 Interviews with the Battle Axes. Jan, Pauline, Marie, Jo, Susan, Rhoda. Followed by part one of •Off The Beaten Track• with the Older Women's Network Theatre group From 1999. Contact - www.own.org.au
Show 117 Dr Joanne screening 21 September 2008 Jan Wood introduces Dr Joanne Messenger's workshop on Chiron Healing • lines of energy. Hear some of Joanne's life story. Contact - Joanne Messenger www.beinpeace.com
Show 116 Claudia screening 21 September 2008. Irene Coates presents her trip to india in the 1950. Including photos of Northern India. Contact Irene Coates • coates.irene@googlemail.com
Show 115 Views • Peace screening 7 September 2008 Exerts from •A Day In May• A Short film by Red Pictures. Which is about protests all over England about nuclear testing. Dawn Atkinson interview about Women In Black. Includes footage of the Martin Place Peace Rally 2003. Then join Irene Coates booklaunch mind the gap at The NSW Writers Centre from 2002. Contact. Women In Black • www.wibsydney.org Irene Coates • coates.irene@googlemail.com
Show 114 Photo Shoot screening 31 August 2008 Join Catherine McCormick on a photo shoot at her shop Market Vintage. And take a look at the models and clothes. Then catch up a week later at the Utopia Catherine McCormick. www.marketvintage.com
Show 113 Breathing Colours screening 24 August Maggie Iken takes us on a tour of her art exhibition at The Balmain Watch House. Chloe Waddell shows us her jewellery / art shop Breathing Colours. Then Sandy Walsh's Exhibition including Sandy Walsh interview about her art. Chloe Waddell • Email breathingcolours@gmail.com
Show 112 Computer Beijing screening 17 August 2008 Archival footage from the 4th International Women's Conference on Women in Beijing 1995. Archival footage from Jules, who has met someone on the internet and is flying to America to live with him. Followed by a short film called •My Mother Has A Boyfriend•. Directed by Jan Wood. Thanks to Julie Grace and Margueritte River for China footage http://www.jofreeman.com/photos/Beijing.html
Show 110 Rylstone Part 1 Ginny Handmer shows us her lino printing, Pat Collins runs a workshop about edible things from the local area. Also features a tour of the artwork on display. Contact. Ginny Handmer • ginny@numberfortyseven.com.au Thanks to Pat Collins, the centre at 196 Bridge st, MuswellBrook 233 Ph. 02 654 11884
Show 109 Glen screening 10 August 2008 The extremely talented Glen family, (Lachlan, Carla and Meaghan) performmusic pieces at the Camden Uniting Church. Including Lachlan and Marilyn Meier piano duet. Contact. Leanne Glen • glenval@bigpond.net.au
Show 108 Denise Parkinson screening 20 July 2008 Denise Parkinson takes us on a tour of her studio. Including Col. Cosgrove portrait included in the Portia Geach Awards. And an Interview with Jan Wood about the challenges of juggling being a creative artist and a mother. Contact Denise parkinson. Denspark123@yahoo.com.au
Show 107 Not X Nor Y screening 13 July 2008 Aaron Fuller Not X nor Y at the Balmain Watch Housse June 2008. Irene Coats Brae Mar Gallery Springwood June 2008. Interview with Zami Coates. Contact Aaron Fuller. aaronfuller@iag.com.au notXnorY.com Samual Coates -zamie77@yahoo.com.au Irene Coates • coates.irene@googlemail.com
Show 106 Meroogal 2007 screening 6 July 2008 Take a tour of the Meroogal art prize 2007 at Shoalhaven City Arts Centre. Interview with Sandra Lee, Artist. Contact Meroogal Curator Barbara Konkolowicz. www.hht.net.au
Show 105 JunkBand 29 screening June 2008 Performance of •Rearranging The Deckchairs On The Titanic•. Followed by an interview with Mic Conway. Behind the scenes footage of Mic Conway's performance at schools. Dvd courtesy of Cathy Kirkpatrick. Contact www.nationaljunkband.com
Show 104 Outback screening 22 June 2008 Julianne explains Squatter's Wife & Clothing area 1861. Take a look at Barbara Hoopers photographs. Julianne talks about the living conditions in the 1860s. Julianne Allcorn j_allcorn@hotmail.com
Show 103 IWD Part 2 screening 15 June 2008 View a Collage of IWD with Performances and Interviews. Tess Brill • Community Activist at the Edna Ryan Awards 2008. Interviews with Lyndall Ryan & Eva Cox
Show 102 International Women's Day 2008 screening 8 June IWD Rally in Sydney, Interviews with Mary and Mum, Viddy. WAIG Anne Barber, TAFE memory tent. Beth Eldridge speaks about the Edna Ryan awards 2008.
Show 101 Angela screening 11 May 2008 Interviews with Joyce Stevens, Peggy Hewitt, Trude Keller, Stella Cornelius, Noreen Hewitt, Louise Anike and Joan Bielski.
Show 100 Aunty Molly Part 2 screening 18 May 2008 Join us at Aunty Molly's Bake House with the chef. Toni Stevens performs •Bull And Bush• An interview with Toni Stevens. Have a look at Toni Stevens hall of fame. ). Toni Stevens www.auntymollys.com.au Email info@auntymollys.com.au
Show 99 Aunty Moly Part 1 screening 11 May 2008 Join Aunty Molly on a tour of Aunty Molly's Bakehouse followed by •Down AT The Olde Bull And Bush• show with Irish jokes and the Susie Sits song. Followed By an interview with Colin Hanson ( the Pianist). Toni Stevens www.auntymollys.com.au Email info@auntymollys.com.au
Show 98 Edna 2008 screening 4 May 2008 Time travel back to the Edna Ryan Awards 2000 at Uts Sydney. Interviews with Anne Barber and Lyndall Ryan, Jan Wood talks about the Edna Ryan Awards. Susan Bellamy talk about the Edna Ryan Awards. WEL 9212 4374. www.welnsw.org.au Email welnsw@mail.comcen.com.au
Show 97 Crabbie Episode Part 2 screening 27 April Come Crabbing at lake Macquarie. An interview with Terry at The Bay Fish And Chip Shop, A tour of onions with Glen from the fruit shop. Followed by an interview with Di Sutherland.
Show 97A Angela screening 11 May 2008 Tour of Vivo Caf• Sydney -388 George St, Sydney with Angela Vithoulkas. Angela's photo and her background. Perspectives from being 40 something. Vivo Caf•. www.vivocafe.com.au
Show 96 Balmain Part 3 screening 20 April 2008 Jan Wood presents a litle history of Mort's Dock. Amy and Bruce from Leichhardt Library, Hear an interview of Bruce Carter Hammond of the Dry Dock Hotel followed by he Balmain Association Annual Heritage Harbour Cruise, Interviews Ken • The Captain and Fergus Frickey • Ballast Point. Dry Dock Hotel • www.drydockhotel.com.au The Balmain Association • Kathleen 9818 9454
Show 95 Balmain Part 2 screening 13 April 2008 Continued.. Cathleen Hamey's tour of the Balmain Watch House. Vic Grant talks about Thomas Sutcliffe Mort. Death of the milk bar by Sue Callahann.
Show 94 Balmain Part 1 screening 6 April 2008 Linley talks about coffee making, Ferges Frickey talks about the Balmain watch house and presents a photography exhibition. Joe the flower man talks about his flower barrow followed by a tour of the Balmain Watch House with Cathleen Hamey.
Show 93 Women Who Made It Happen Part 2 screening 30 March 2008 Interviews with Joyce Stevens, Peggy Hewitt, Trude Keller, Stella Cornelius, Noreen Hewitt, Louise Anike and Joan Bielski.
Show 92 Women Who Made It Happen Part 1 screening 23 March 2008 Janne Ellen Swift and Eva Cox. Followed by Faith Bandler 30 years of citizenship for Aboriginal people by Edna Ryan and Eva Cox. Jozefa Sobski presents Jessie Street National Women's Library Parliamentary Luncheon March 2008.
Show 90 IWD 2008 screening 16 March 2008 Take a look at the 2008 International Women's day at the Leichhardt Town Hall with Carolyn Allen • Mayor, Sarah Graham with guest speakers. Enjoy a performance by Irish acapella group stairway to heaven. Followed by the launch of Women Who Made It Happen with Speeches by Beth Eldridge, Jan Wood and Faith Bandler.
Show 89 Unseen Art Scene screening 9 March 2008 Elizabeth Art At Home Exhibition •Colours Of Movement•. By Julie Allcorn Tour continues with the book the •Unseen Art Scene• with Elizabeth. Time travel back to June 1996 NSW Writers Centre with J. Pearce, Lynne Spender, Eva Cox, and Dudnija elizabeth@artathome.com.au. Jallcorn@hotmail.com
Show 88 Library screening 2 March 2008 Join us on a tour of Customs House with Beverly Cameron. Older Women's Network hosted by City Of Sydney Historian Shirley Fitzgerald. Kirsten Fishburn magazine room first floor, Customs House. A tour Of Jessie Street National Women's Library hosted by Marie Muir.
Show 87 IWD Part 2 screening 24 Febuary 2008 Beth Eldridge time travel to 1998. Interviews in the stalls from 1998 International Women's Day. Followed by a montage of Anne Barber • WEL. Followed by a DVD clip •Freedom• by•Rivers And Roads•
Show 86 IWD Part 1 screening 17 Febuary 2008 Have a look at a montage of international Women's Day 1997 and 1998. Featuring Beth Eldridge and Anne Barber 1998.
Show 85 Portia Geach screening 10 Febuary 2008 A tour of Portia Geach memorial art prize with Petrea Salter followed by Rosa Deane volunteer Janette Kordoba-Thompson and Grace Constanzo. Denise Parkinson talks about her portrait •elements•.
Show 84 Bride 1954 screening 3 Febuary 2008 Watch Jan Wood's Short Film •Advice To A Young Bride 1954•. With Valerie Lewis. Listen to Valerie recite three of her poems about why her husband doesn't say he loves her. A salute to loiise Anike 1926 • 2007. From an interview in 2006. Time travel with OWN Theatre Group's performance in 1997. OWN Theatre Group 9247 7046.
Show 83-A 2007 Feminist Bookshop screening 27 January 2008 Orage Grove Plaza, Interview with Gail Hewison of the Feminist bookshop, OAM winner at Rod's Coffee Shop. Gail discusses issues around Feminism and Germaine Greer books. Footage of Voices Of Gaia performance. Feminist Bookshop bookshop www.feministbookshop.com 9810 2666 Gail Hewison.


Show 83 2007 XMAS screening 23 December 2007 Hear the Voices Of Gaia tour of St Petersberg 1997. Followed by 3007 Rivers and Roads Perform Freedom To The World including interviews. Followed by Angie Paice's song-a-thon freedom to the world. Thanks to Rivers and Roads DVD, Angie Paice, Voices Of Gaia.
Show 81 Feminist Bookshop screening 9th December 2007 Take a tour of Lilyfield's famous Feminist bookshopWith Libbi Silver. Gail Hewison talks about the history of the Feminist bookshop and the history of the Sufferagettes. Feminist bookshop www.feministbookshop.com 9810 2666. Libby silva, Gail Hewison, Sirri
Show 80 Sophie screening 2 December 2007 Have a look at the art show of Sophie Steffanoni Parramatta Heritage Centre, 5th November 2007. Folowed by Annette Butterfield talks about the aspects of embroidery aspect and takes us on a tour of paintings. Followed by a collage of paintings, Background information. Annette Butterfield 9665 5369. abutterfield_851@hotmail.com
Show 79 OWN Theatre Group screening 25 November 2007 The OWN Theatre Group performing WEL's 25th anniversary at the Russian Clup Strathfield Sept 1997. With Peggy Hewitt. Beth Eldridge talks about OWN Theatre group. Peggy Hewitt, Beth Eldridge. Thanks to OWN theatre group and the russian Club Strathfield.
Show 78 Memoribilia screening 18 November 2007 Memory man Bob Mitchell followed by Love Vintage Expo, Canterbury Racecourse. Interviews with various exhibitors. Memory Man Bob Mitchell 95209232.
Show 77 Fishwyfe: A Crabbie episode screening 11 November 2007 Join us for crabbing at lake Macquarie. Join Auntie Molly for Octoberfest. Angela Hayden-Yodeller. Marilyn Meier, 4659 6224. Aunty Molly 49705105.
Show 76 Doctor Annette screening 4 November 2007 Time travel to the Swan art show 1997. Footage of Tim Rainey's •Get The Picture• CTV1, 1996. Suddenly it's ten years later and Annette shaves her head for a performance piece, Symbology of shaving hair. Totems, The aging dancer passage. Tim Rainey's crew, Doctor Annette.
Show 75 - Tieing The Knot screening 28 October 2007 Catheryn and Craig tie the knot. Celebrant Elaine Surly at glitch canopy. Join Cathryn and Craig for their wedding ceremony.
Show 74 Vintage screening 21 October 2007 Catherine McCormick talks about the vintage fair volunteers. Jess, advice to young brides 1954. Sandra's jewellery collection. Catherine talks about adornments. Market Vintage www.marketvintage.com Catherine McCormick 9555 9435.
Show 73 - Home Duties screening 14 October 2007 Gardening John McKillop, Tree Surgeon. Bathroom Maintainence, Max Wood Updates. Tour of gloden oldie bathroom. Billy's Tail short film. Tail are wagging, defleaing the dog. Dawn Fraiser, Marnie Ruth-Dog Groomer 9555 7799, John McKillop 9519 4790
Show 72 - A Spring Garden screening 7 October 2007 Visit the Woodland Garden and learn the principles of converting a 35,000 litre swimming pool into a fish farm of rainbow trout. Come fly fishing to catch a rogue trout and then watch the 4 goldfish go to their new home. The pond became a metaphor for the change of "life" style. Come on a trip down Memory Lane to 1979 and meet the young wood. Music by Marilyn Meier Mala Daki Artists Promotions tel 4659 6224
Show 71 - ON TAP screening 30 September 2007 Come on a tour of the Tap Gallery, Upstairs - 278 Palmer Street DarlinghurstDownstairs -Gallery 45 Burton Street and meet Lesley Dimmick, manager extraordinaire who explains the concepts and philosophies of the Tap Gallery. Tel LesleyDimmick 9361 0440 or email tap@acay.com.au
Show 70 - The Wedding screening 16 September Some tips for those soon to wed. What were some issues around weddings in days long past.
Show 69 - The Older Woman screening 9 September Come to the Older Women's Network 87 Lower fort Street, The Rocks and meet Beth Eldridge who explains some aspects of the ageing process. Then watch the OWN Theatre Group perform at Stop Domestic Violence Day at Circular Quay in 1997. tel Older Women's Network 9247 7046
Show 68 Jessie Street Parliamentary Lunch with Helen Reddy - screening 2.9.07 Marie Muir from the Jessie Street National Women's Library introduces Helen Reddy, Song Writer and Performer as well as Peace Activist. "The Woman I am" by Helen Reddy, Dymocks $25.95 For information on this year's luncheon on 17 September - info@nationalwomenslibrary.org.au
Show 67 Kurrajongs - screening 26.8.07 Meet Ian Small author of "The Kurrajongs" and learn about the recruiting drives that encouraged young Australian men to enlist in WWW1. Ian Small gives invaluable tips on self publishing for those seeking publication. Ian Small 9482 2209
Show 66 Market Vintage - screening 12.8.07 Come to Market Vintage, 383 Darling Street Balmain and meet Katherine McCormack as she takes us on a tour of Vintage clothing. Learn about the fashions of different decades and meet the volunteers. Funds raised from sales go to help Project Utopia - an online workshop specially designed to enhance parenting skills. www.marketvintage.com
Show 65 The Art of Shibori - screening 12 August Meet Pepa Martin and come to a Shibori demonstration with Karen Davis in the Shibori Studio. www.shibori.com.au Then travel back to March 2007 and meet workshoppers at a Shibori session organised by the Design Institute of Australia. www.dia.org.au Then tour the Shibori Showroom.
Show 64 Songathon - screening 5 August 2007 Meet Angie Paice and the band Rivers and Roads as they attempt to perform 100 original songs to raise money to create a DVD. www.myspace.com/riversandroads
Show 63 Gone West, Rylstone - screening 29.7.07 Time travel to Number 47 Louee Rylstone in 1999 and meet Virginia Handmer who takes us on a Weaving adventure with Bronwin Gradden. Learn about Inca loom jewellery making and meet the workshoppers. email ginny@numberfortyseven.com
Show 62- Dubbo with joy - screening 22.7.07 Experience a day in the life of Dubbo as introduced by Joy Hruby. Check out the Outlook Cafe at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, Museum and Regional Art Gallery. Visit the Dubbo Museum. and meet curator Brigette Leece who tells a good story. Visit the Art Gallery see a little art by Klaus Moje. Then meet students from the local high school and their art projects. Meet Kerry Palmer of Paths and Landcare.
Show 61 The Art of Joy Hruby - screening 15.7.7 Joy Hruby OAM was recently invited by the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo to be one of the speakers on the panel "Women Out West" Joy Hruby talks about Dubbo's secret army base during WW2 and her time as a Dubbo Dazzler. Then about her life as an agent, actor and writer and how this year she celebrates her 1000th show for Sydney Community TV.
Show 60 Vision Circle - screening 8.7.07 Be introduced to the "Vision Circle" concept by Lynn Pearce and Tuna Monk at the launch of "Journey to Me" by Jane Gillespie. www.visioncircle.net Jane explains the challenges of surviving cancer and some of the psychological / spiritual challenges www.lifeforce.org.au Then Lynn Pearce from Online Wealth Coach gives some tips on handelling money and wealth. www.onlinewealthcoatch.com.au
Show 59 Shimmer - screening 1.7.07 Time Travel the the Tao Gallery, Darlinghurst June 1997 and meet Ruby Langford Ginibi as she launches Pam Johnston's Doctorate exhibition "Shimmer- transformation, death, conception, transition- a contemporacy song circle". Diana Wood- Conroy explains the obstacles aboriginal people face in Academia and then Dr Pam explains her plan the burn all the artwork.
Show 58 Cutting Opal - screening 24.6.07 Meet Anna Flanagan marketing her art and crafts. She tells us about her adventures migrating to Australia in 1960. Then we cut to June 2007 as she takes us on a tour of "Cutting Opal" , a retrospective of her art since the 70's at the Crossbay Gallery in Kings Cross.
Show 57 Headed West - screening 17.6.07 Experience a trip across the Megalong Valley at Kaloomba in the Scenic World's new cable car. Catch Aunty Beryl blow out the 90 candles on her birthday cake and travel on to Rylstone to meet Ian Webb. Ian takes us on a tour of his retrospectic art exhibition at Number 47 Louee Street Rylstone. Then meet Bruce Li, chef extra-ordinaire as he takes us on a tour of his new Chinese Restaurant in Kandos.
Show 56 A Heated Topic - screening 2.6.07 Jan wood is busy painting "View from the Porthole of a Luxury Yacht moored in Mort Bay. Anne Barber from the Women's Electoral Lobby explains the Edna Ryan Awards and introduces Denelle Crozier , one of this year's award winners. Then Time Travel to Penrith in 1999 and experience the art and ideas of Philosopher/Artist Irene Coates.
Show 55 Aussies Abroad - screening 27.5.07 Dec 2006 Max Wood explains his plan to sail across the Atlantic ocean and backpack downwards home though Central and South America. Then time travel with Jan Wood to the UN 4th World Conference in China in 1995 and see some issues women faced at the end of the twentieth century. "Stay calm" with Davidia Peters. Her recently published book explains some relaxation methods. davidiaperters@yahoo.com.au
Show 54 Jans Film Fest - screening 27.5.07 2 short films featured- Sydney Kids '42 - the story of the night Sydney Harbour was invaded by Japanese submarines as told through the eyes of a 12 year old. "Wanda Speaks" examines what happens when we die - as told by Wanda a Buddhist Dharma Dog.
Show 53 Granny Talk - screening 20.5.07 Coffee Break Producer, Jan Wood shares her home movies from 1981 Then meet Glenn Campbell, leading specialist from "Bed" Rozelle while Jan researches buying a bed to take into her old age. Then time travel to Circular Quay 1997 and meet Merle Highett of the Older Woman's Network Theatre Group.
Show 54 Granny Talk - screening 20 May 2007 Producer Jan Wood attempts to articulate the ageing Baby Boomer experience - Part 1. Come shopping for a new bed and meet Glenn Campbell of "Bed", Rozelle Then meet Merle Highet and learn about the evolution of the Older Women's Network Theatre Group and see a snippet of one of their performances at Circular Quay in 1997.
Show 53 Jan's film fest - screening 13th May Jan Wood, Coffee Break Producer explains how she recreated the night that Sydney Harbour was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. Then enjoy the film Sydney Kids - '42 followed by a short film about what happens when we die from a Buddhist dog's perspective.
Show 52 The Art of Angie Paice - screening 6th May 2007 Meet Angie Paice, singer, musician and lyricist in 2000. Then meet up with her in March 2007 when she has just composed her 100th song. Contact: riversandroads@yahoo.com www.myspace.com/riversandroads
Show 51 The Art of Cecile Pauly - screening 29 April 2007 Come on a tour of "REVIEW - 1967 -2007" - 40 years retrospective of artist Cecile Pauly. From Art School in Mexico, immigrating to rural NSW thirty five years ago, Cecile articulates her experience of life her in Australia through her artworks. Contact Cecile cfresia@hotmail.com or crossbaygallery@hotmail.com
Show 50 Art at Home - screening 22 April 7 Elizabeth Alvanos, curator and gallery owner of Art at Home, tells us the concept behind the Gallery. Participating artists Barbie Hooper and Leonie Robson take us on a tour of their work and the delightful Sophia Katos shares a song with us. Elizabeth's mother in law Vicky Alvanos tells us what it was like emigrating here from Greece in 1955.
Show 49 Irene Coates -Nudes and Orchids - screening 15 April 2007 Irene Coates, artist, author, philosopher, scientist and political activist takes us on a tour of her 2000 exhibition, Nudes and Orchids, at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood. You can contact Irene Coates irene@breeze-pc.com
Show 48 Peace: A Work in Progress• - screening 8.4.2007 On the 16th December 2006, Dr Kaye Murray launched her latest book "Voice for Peace- The Spirit of a Social Activist, Irene Greenwood." email kayemurray@iinet.net.au. WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) president Stella Boyages hosts the launch, and introduces the Women's Choir, Sydney. Dr Keith Suter explains the latest philosophies around "Peace, Peacemaking and Peace Keeping" and Stella Cornelius OA, OBE,, FAIM, Founder of the Conflict Resolution Network offers wise thoughts on Peace and healthy relationships. Conflict Resolution Network www.crnhq.org• • •email crn@crnhq.org
Show 47 Rylstone - screening 1 April 2007 Professor Bob O'Neill tells us a few historical details of the Rylstone area.• Then Ginny Handmer of Number 47 Louee Street talks about the land Show,• 2006, and Jeff Rigby, one of the participating artists explains his artwork. Ginny explains how school children come to view the artwork and Frances Wiedersatz, another of the artists, adds her thoughts. The programme closes with local historian, Paul Waterford, telling the story of Jessie Hickman, a female bushranger of the early 1800's.
Show 46 The Art of Ginny Handmer - screening 25 April 2007 Come to Rylstone, a three hour car trip North West of Sydney and meet Ginny Handmer of Number 47 Louee Street. Number 47, the cultural heart of this area, each year hosts "Land", an exhibition that explores the connection between people and the landscape. Ginny then shares the concepts behind her lino print exhibition "Stroking it Out." Ginny explains some issues about living with a stroke sufferer. emailnumber47@winsoft.net.au
Show 45 Time travel back to IWD 1997 Circular Quay rally. What were the feminist issues 10 years ago. Anne Barker WEL explains the annual Edna Ryan Awards. Then time travel back to see Jan Wood, Coffee Break Producer receive an Edba Ryan for her contribution to the feminist arts.
Show 44 International Women's Day Special - screening 4 March 2007 To celebrate IWD 8 March 2007 we go to Jan Wood's archival shelves and find Sydney IWD 1997 which went from Sydney Town Hall to Circular Quay. The voices of the IWD Collective 1997 superimposed on the March explain what Feminism means to each member of the Collective. Anne Barber, from WEL (Women's Electoral Lobby) explains the annual Edna Ryan Award•and directions of NSW Feminism 1997 - 2007. Then, from the shelves, we have Jan Wood receiving an Edna Ryan Award , May 2000.
Show 43 Ode To Joy Part 1 - screening• 25 February 2007 On Australia Day 2007 Joy Hruby received the Order of Australia medal for her services to the Australian entertainment industry. Let her explain her involvement in Community TV, her work as an agent in the film industry, her work as an actor, drama teacher and film producer. The show closes with the short film "Advice to a Young Bride 1894" starring Joy Hruby and Rachel Harvey.
Show 42A - Fishwyfe Does Cape York Part 4 - screening 18 February 2007 Come crocodile spotting in Tim Freebody's boat and see the intense blue colours of tropical North Queensland. Tim explains some of the finer points of fishing in the Torres Strait. See the executive producer finally catch a fish, even if it is covered in sea lice.
Show 42 Fishwyfe Does Cape York Part 3 - screening 11 February 2007 Enjoy a photo montage in the Horn Island Heritage Centre which houses the largest collection of WW2, cultural and artistic items. Enjoy images of the early pearling industry set to "Sailing the Southeast Wind", sung by Cygnet Repu.The CD is produced by Karl Neuenfeldt enquiries 07 4150 7019. Then come on a tour of Horn Island on Liberty See Kee's bus.Let the producer Jan Wood show her photos of her visit to Thursday Island forty years ago. Then meet John Vidgen, who's ancestors created a white settlement at Somerset, Cape York in the 19th Century.
Show 41 Fishwyfe Does Cape York Part 2 - screening 4 February 2007 Come on a tour of Thursday Island on Sue's bus. Then come fishing at Friday Island and meet Takami Kazu, a modern day pearl farmer. Enjoy the music, "Sailing the Southeast Wind" Kaidhu Baba sung by Cygnet Repu. The CD is produced by Karl Neuenfeldt enquiries 07 4150 7019. Then meet Frank David of the Gab Tutui Cultural Centre on Thursday Island. www.tsra.gov.au
Show 40 Fishwyfe Does Cape York Part 1 - screening 28 January 2007 Enjoy a travelogue of a trip to Northern Queensland taken in November 2006. Experience the trip on board the Trinity Bay Cargo ship and meet Rick the captain. Enjoy a montage of the island sights to the music of Seaman Dan and "Sailing the Southeast Winds" produced by Karl Neuenfeldt tel 07 4150 7019.
Show 39 Manly Ocean Care Day Part 2. - screening 21 January 2007 Ocean Care Day happens every year at Manly Beach on the first Sunday in December. Come and meet the stall holders and have your "Green" consciousness lifted.
Show 38 Manly Ocean Care Day Part 1. - screening 14 January 2007 The first Sunday in December, Manly Ocean Care Day, was the brainchild of Judy Reizes from Manly Environment Centre. This year's guest speakers include Tony Mohr of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Dr Alistair Sproul, Dr Peter Mac Donald, Mayor of Manly. Then meet Kathryn McConnochie and play the Ocean Care Day game and meet local artist Martin Cullen.


Show 37 Nailed. - screening 7 January 2006 Meet the artists and let them explain their art created at TAFE. The exhibition, called "Nailed" was held at The Balmain Watchhouse last November and showcases a feast of talent and ideas.
Show 35 A Christmas Special - screening 24 December 2006 Come to Darling Harbour and get a few ideas for Christmas time fun. Then contrast the hot, steamy, summer days of a Sydney Christmas with the icy landscape of Finnland in December 1997. Come on a tram tour of Helsinki and then be entertained by the Voices of Gaia, an arcapella group based in Byron Bay, as they workshop music for some Helsinki students.
Show 34 Getting Scene - screening 17.12.6 Visit the Crossbar Gallery, Kings Cross to view the work of Anastasia Flanagan, Tetsuya Mori, Nick Collerson, Cecile Pauly and Sherry Lee. Then visit "That Framing Place" and meet up with Lynn Pearce, artist and framer, and artist Jan Melville. Drop in at Art at Home and meet Elizabeth Alvanos, owner and curator of this classy gallery. Then catch up with Jan Melville again at Manly Library where she introduces the Printmakers Art Books.
Show 33 Meroogal Women's Art Prize - screening 10.12.6 Learn about the annual Meroogal Women's Art Prize and who are the winners for 2006. Meet curator Barbara Konkolowicz, and Davida Allen, artist and filmmaker, producer of the award winning movie "Feeling Sexy" and who launches this lovely exhibition. The camera takes you on a quick tour, and then interviews artists Ingrid Steinmetz, Beth Crawford, Alison Bowe, Sue Francis and Rene Sutherland who speak of their passion, art and philosophies.
Show 32 Anita Rezevska - screening 26.11.6 Anita Rezevska, award winning artist, takes us on a tour of her art and her home, which are inseparable. Through the tour we learn of the pain of being a refugee. Many of Anita's paintings explore the Latvian experience.
Show 31 Jessie Street Library - screening 19.11.6 Come on a tour of the Jessie Street National Women's Library with Co founder and mainstay, Shirley Jones. Shirley explains the special role the Library plays in Australia. Then author, Suzanne Leal shows us her recently published novel, and the process of becoming pub;oished. Then we enjoy snippets of Helen Reddy's speech at the 2006 annual Jessie Street National Women's Library fundraising Parliamentary Lunch.
Show 30 Goddess Divine Energy - screening 12.11.6 Jenny Templin, photographer tells us about her Buddhist Teacher and his trip to Australia from India. Then the camera takes us on a tour of the Divine Goddess Energy exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. From the shelves, Mary Lightfoot and Kathryn McConnochie explain the Mitteral Art style of India.
Show 29 Open Garden Day - screening 5.11.6 What to do with 35,000 spare litres of water in the backyard pool - no one has swum for at least 4 years Why, turn it into a fishpond of course. Let Producer, Jan Wood explain the process while she conducts Open Garden Day for the Balmain Association while artist Anne Flanagan paints the pond. Then Anastasia takes us on a tour of her paintings adorning the fences around the pond. Then June Lunsmann, of the Balmain Association takes on a tour of the historic community building, the Balmain Watchhouse.
Show 28 Portia Geach 2006 - screening 29.10.6 The Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize, held annually as the H S Ervin Gallery, is becoming one of the most prestigious prizes in the Australian Art World. Hear Angela Clark tell us about the life and passion of Portia Geach, her story of feminism, and then Jonathan Sweeney announces the winner. Lucy Culliton, the winner talks about the award. The Hon Justice O'Keefe announces his retirement and then we go for a quick tour of the artwork on the walls.
Show 27 "This and That" - screening 22.10.6 What to do with unwanted facial hair that sprouts as part of the ageing process Find out when Producer Jan Wood visits her hair dresser, Miriam Van Cooten of Miriam's Makeup and Hair Salon to get advice. Then we find out about the art of Neil Taylor as he takes us on a tour of his studio. Then we find out a little about Meroogal Women's History House in Nowra and the Wandering Menstrels, a local women's arcapello group sing "Menopause" for us.
Show 26 Hormones - screening 27 August 8pm Time Travel back to 1997 with Irene Gower and Jan Wood as they discuss issues around parenting teenagers. Copies of "When the Hormones Hit - a Parent's Guide to What is Normal (well sort of)" available $15 including postage from Jan Wood P. O. Box 1718, Rozelle 2039. Then we go to Sydney Town Hall and learn how to collect oral history from Rosemary Block, (emailrblock@sl.nsw.gov.au) Head of the Oral History Programme, of the State Library of NSW. Shirley Jones, co founder of the Jessie Street National Women's Library, gives us background on the work of the Library. Jessie Street National Women's Library tel (02) 9265 9486 or email info@nationalwomenslibrary.org.au Jan Wood then consults Joy Hruby, Nominee as a Mover and Shaker, Queen of Community TV (Joy has recently produced her thousandth show about ageing creatively).
Show 25 "Life Changes" : part 2 - screening 20.8.6 Middle Age heralds challenges. We touch upon menopause, empty nesting, and new career choices, among other things. Jane Gillespie continues her frank story of surviving breast cancer. Then take afternoon tea with Joy Hruby, Queen of Community TV, as she explains how her career as a television producer began.
Show 24 "Life Changes" : Part 1 - screening 13.8.6 Beth Eldridge from The Older Women's Network (tel 02 9247 7046) explains why people grieve when they hit the age of 50- 60. Jane Gillespie, breast cancer survivor, tells us the emotional issues around having and surviving cancer. Then come on a tour of Irene Coates house in Blackheath as she packs her lifetime belongings to return to England to be a part of her new grandchild's life. Then comes a brief Nomination Call for "Movers and Shakers" volume 2.
Show 23 "Movers and Shakers" - screening 6.8.6 Time Travel back to March 2004 and the launch of "Movers and Shakers - Women of the Leichhardt Municipality." Copies still available $13 including postage. Contact Arnie at the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, tel 9660 2828 Dee Peters and Jan Wood invite discourse on reasons why the female role in shaping Australian History is so downplayed and call for nominations for Volume 2, Movers And Shakers of Sydney. Then come and celebrate the life of Political Activist, Edna Ryan, a prime example of a Mover and Shaker of the 20th Century.
Show 22 "Growiwng Older" - screening 23.7.6 Beth Eldridge from The Older Women's Network, tel 9247 7046, explains the philosophies behind the Network and issues around aging. Specifically, the aging Baby Boomers want help with handling Grief. Beth opens discourse on what Baby Boomers have to grieve about. Then Peggy Hewett, one of the founding members back in the late eighties explains the history of the Older Women's Network and the Theatre Group. Then we take a trip back in time to April 1997, to Circular Quay, where the Theatre Group perform for Stop Domestic Violence Day. The content of their original material opens discourse on psychological violence as well as physical.
Show 21 Connexions - screening 16.7.6 Celebrate NAIDOC week at Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney with Dr Meredith Bergman presiding over the flag raising, smoking ceremony and the opening of the Connexions exhibition. The exhibition opens discourse on aspects of Reconciliation.
Show 20 "Enviro-Flections Part 2" - screening 9.7.6 Artist Cecile Pauly explains her "Compost " series, first in May 2005 and then her current work. Barvara Hush takes us on a tour of her installations on the themes of Waste, Stress, Deforestation, Plastic and Pollution. Anne Flanagan takes us on a tour of her aerial landscapes in Batique on silk and acrylic on canvas.
Show 19 "Enviro-Flections : Part One" - screening 2.7.6 To celebrate World Environment Day 2006, Artists Anne Flanagan, Barvara Hush, Cecile Pauly and Jan Wood exhibited their art at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre. Come to the opening and remeet the artists from show 13. Kathryn McConnochie explains the non biodegradable nature of plastic in her witty compositions of foreign objects found in marine environments. Anne Flanagan shares her research and art on the Theme of the Cooks River Valley comparing the environment pre- white settlement to today. Then experience Jan Wood's short film "Water- as Metaphor for the Seven Deadly Sins," where she translates water images as energy field patterns.
Show 18 "Portia Geach Award 1999" - screening 25.6.6 Claudia Crosariol takes us on a tour of this prestigious exhibition and some of the issues that faced women at the close of the 20th Century open discourse.
Show 17 "Irene Coates Contemporay Colourist" - screening 18.6.6 Come back in time to Blackheath Art Society in 2000 to a group exhibition on Fauvian Art. Irene Coates, Jean Rudd, Kathryn Uther and John Marsh explain their work. The next day Jan Wood interviews Irene about the Creative Explorer Technique she developed into a teaching method. Then come on a tour of Irene's colourful paintings in her garden.
Show 16 - "Portrait of a Portrait" screening 11.6.6 What does painting and sitting for a portrait involve Listen in on an intimate, artistic exchange between artist Irene Gower and sitter Jan Wood. Irene explains about the annual Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize and what happens when a painting is submitted and about Portia Geach herself. Portia Geach, one of the most influencial women in Australian History in the 20th Century, would have disappeared unacknowledged, but for the foresight of her sister, Florence Kate Geach who set up the annual art award back in the 1950's.
Show 15 "Knit Your Way to Health" - screening 4.6.6 Meet Jenny Templin, photographer and Nicole Herd as Jan Wood takes us back in time to Winter 2000 with a guided tour of her knitting collection and the philosophy of knitting as "therapy". Then Jenny shows us recent examples of one of her many passions; dog portraiture.
Show 14 "Enviro-Art" - screening 28.5.6 Learn a little more about The Travelling Suitcase from Ginny Handmer, curator, who received the exhibition in Rhylstone in 1999. Meet Margaret Squires, who works as a volunteer for WIRES, tending injured animals. Then back to May 2006 where Christine McMillan has an Artists in Residency at the Gunnery, Wooloomooloo. She takes us on a tour of her sculptures made from fish scales and echidna spikes.
Show 13 "Time Travel" - screening 21.5.6 Come back in time to 1995 to CTV1 Studio at Redfern, Sydney. Barvara Hush, Anne Flanagan, Cecile Pauly, Carmel Chester explain their ideas of 'What is Peace ' through the medium of their Art. We then get a snippet of Kathryn McConnochie's performance piece "Dirty Secrets, Secret Lies" on the theme of sexual assault. This performance took place in 1994 at Byron Bay. Then Jan wood, interviewed by Trudy Thiele, back in 1996, explains the Travelling Suitcase Exhibition.
Show 12 "Fishwyfe : Episode 2" - screening 14.5.6 "Fishwyfe Does Tasmania". While the Executive Producer researches how to catch a fish, come with the Fishwyfe to Judy's Dollshouse, 178 Scamander Road, Scamander, tel 03 6372 5309, to view Judy's astonishing collection of handmade toys. Then we view one of the most marvellous plants on earth, the Huon Pine and vist Morrison's Huon Pine Sawmill (tel 03 6471 7235) to learn more about the remarkable plant. In Waratah we meet Lorraine and Ray Gardner, who fill us in on what a "nomad" is and give us a few tips. Then the executive producer takes us fishing in The Salmon and Trout Museum.
Show 11 "Fishwyfe : Episode 1" - screening 7.5.6 Ever considered taking your car on the Spirit of Tasmania Here we give you a little taste of how it feels. Then come on a tour of one of the most significant sites in White history to the infamous Female Factory, South Hobart. Midge, our tour guide, tells of the brutal treatment of convicts and the bleakness of their lives. www.femalefactory.com.au Then while the executive producer reads his fishing book , come with Jan Wood to Judy's Dollshouse. Almost everything in the shop has been created by Judy over the past fifteen years.
Show 10 South Australia - screening 30.4.6 Come to South Australia and meet Annie O'Grady who recently finished a manuscript on 9 women who built their own homes without a mortgage. Very Do It Yourself stuff! Then Annie explains her work as a Past Lives Therapist and her work as a Healer. Then we catch up with Irene Gower who recently completed the colossal task of building her home "Armadillo" and she takes us on a tour. Then Jan Wood explains why she slept on the dining room table after her return from South Australia in November 2003.
Show 9 Home Made Home To age gracefully, one needs a safe and secure home. Irene Pearce shows us how to convert a disused water tank into a cosy and delightful home. Then come on a tour with Irene Gower, whose home she builds from rocks found at her home site, November 2003. Then Jan Wood, Producer •Coffee Break• explains why she sleeps on the dining room table. *Subject to change
Show 8 Plumbing Let plumber, David Feltham explain the use of an electric eel to clear a sewerage blockage and learn a little about the Sydney Sewerage System. Come on a tour of Barb Angel and Pat Shaw's loo and see the photographic exhibition of their work in Show Biz. Vee Malnar shows us her paintings on the theme of •Housework• and advertises Mama Palooza, a musical event featuring Mother's in Rock. The event happens 14 May 7.30pm Tap Gallery and an art exhibition on the theme of Mothering will be up 8 - 14 May to celebrate Mother's Day happening
Show 7 In 2002 the State Government gave the old Caltex site at Ballast Point back to the people as a National Park. Come on the Harbour cruise to celebrate the Victory. Clara Mason, artistic director, Balmain Film Fanatics talks about Democracy. Her Project, Industrial Balmain Multi Media event happens 7pm 20th April Balmain Town Hall. Tickets $10 Meet Virginia Handmer of 47 Louee Street, Rylstone which is just west of the Blue Mountains and come on a tour of •Land•, an exhibition of local artists.Then we journey back in time to 1997, to a Forum on Reconciliation organised by Stella Cornelius of the Conflict Resolution Network. Our speakers today are Caroline Jones and Coral Edwards (Oonerah).
Show 6 The Edna Ryan Awards honour the work on NSW Feminists. The Award commemorates the life and political activism of Edna Ryan, a passionate worker in the 20th Century. Meet Anne Barber from the Women's Electoral lobby to find out more. Come on a tour of Joseph Marr's latest exhibition in Rushcutters Bay, January 2005. Meet Vee Malnar, and hear about Rock Chicks, one of her many creative projects. Then come on a tour of Jan Wood's 35,000 spare litre project.
Show 5 The Wedding Advice to a Young Bride 1894 hopes to open discourse on sex education and marriage in previous times. Taken from the original article, Joy Hruby and Rachel Harvey become the Minister's wife and young bride. Advice from a young groom, Matt Rowles, 1998, presents a contemporary view of marriage from the male perspective. Miriam Van Cooten and Cindy Caroll discuss a contemporary wedding. Irene Coates, artist, writer, philosopher takes us on a tour of wedding photos; her parent's wedding photo, her own in 1958 and her daughters in 1998.
Show 4 Meet Anita Johnson and come on a tour of her sculptural installation called •Bodily Felt• where she explores the stages of grief, after the death of her father to cancer. Then The Fishwife, Jan Wood begins to try to explain turning a swimming pool into a fish farm. We catch up with Jeannette Kordova Thompson and Grace at the 2005 Portia Geach memorial Art Prize and they explain the portraits of each other in the exhibition. Then come to New Zealand 1996 and meet Jules Novena Sorrel explaining her sculptural installation •Silence•
Show 3 An Australian Housewife Goes to Russia For International Women's Day we present a documentary made in 1998, Shows the plight of Russian People at the end of the 20th Century.
Show 2 Sydney Kids '42 A Family Album recreates May 31, 1942 when Sydney Harbour became the object of enemy attack. This short film acknowledges the contribution to the War Effort by Australian children and the many sacrifices they made. Then we move to January 2005 when Joseph Marr takes us on a tour of his studio and Shows his current artworks. For a relaxation tip, we go on a tour of the Belongil Beach Beadshop.
Show 1 My Mother has a Boyfriend Whether you are two or 62, if your mother has a boyfriend, emotional issues abound. The short film 'My Mother has a Boyfriend' tells the story of a middle-aged mother of a late teenage son and their relationship issues. Then Jordana, daughter of Linda Glenn, (who plays the single mother in the short film) speaks from the daughter's perspective. Linda then speaks of her experience of dating and gives insight into the issues. Then A Classic CTV1 Moment, when we return to 1997 and catch a glimpse of Uscha Heilmann wearing her glass bra and talking about the •Glass Ceiling.•